Sacred Rays of Ascension Master Series
Brothers & Sisters in The Awakening Path
Receive the extra energy and light coming through the Lion’s Gate Portal and work with this portal and its potent for manifesting frequencies to 
~ BE empowered 
~ EMBODY fully & safely your soul
~ UNLOCK your inner Wisdom


This transmission carries the codes from the Lion's Gate Portal (2022) which has been a gateway facilitating your engagement with conscious positivity, awakening your divine light, and embodying your divinity within your physical form.

This time of accelerated ascension has encoded within these transmissions potent energetic broadcasts to help you navigate with ease the waves of change and transformation happening now.  

The Royal Sirian Lions known as the "Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow" and gatekeepers are powerful guides.


 conscious of your awakening to BE grounded & empowered in the NOW moment transiting thru this portal month consciously co-creating life.

The Sirian Lions, together with the Angels, Archangels, & Ascended Masters especially Lord Lanto, Master Kuthumi & Lord Sanat Kumara are the guides in this journey to heal our wounds so that we can stand in our power center aligned with love and owning our Wisdom.
In Yellow Ray of Empowered Wisdom you will:

  • Activate your Abundance & Success in your Life
  • Align with your higher divine path & timeline
  • Harmonize Your Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine 
  • Shine bright your unique divine beingness
  • Receive healing & blessings 
  • Activate your DNA for high vibration & ascension 
  • Receive infinite empowerment
  • Amplify your power in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

2022 to 2027 being the years of transformation and ascension need the support of the sacred rays for your attunement!

the energy coming from Sirius during THE lion's gate portal ACTIVATION contains special light codes & energy to support your awakening & unfolding. 

benefit from being in circle in the quantum field to receive this activation & alignment with the yellow ray.

This dynamic portal works with the heart-centered empowerment energies and wherever and whenever you are connecting to this transmission you will receive the light code activations to awaken and align you to your potential.

During the YELLOW RAY journey we receive guidance from Ascended Masters, Angels and other Beings of Light to receive LIGHT CODES OF ASCENSION, as SOUL MASTERY AND DIVINE POTENTIAL ARE RELEASED AND SENT for our own individual benefit and all of humanity's.
Course Timing & Content

This course activation is now recorded so you can benefit from listening to the transmissions at your own timing.

Each session builds upon each other and it is recommended that you watch/listen to them in the order in which they have been received, at least the first time around.

Course components...

  • 6 Sessions: during these sessions, you will receive healings, light codes, and activations directly from the Sacred Lions of Sirius, Ascended Masters, and beings of light through the channeling of ascended beings by Shakti Bottazzi. 
  • Lion's Gate Portal: This activation carries the Lion's Gate (2022) portal energetics. The light code activations help us to awaken and align to our potential for our benefit and the benefit of all of humanity.
  • Replay Recordings: you will have lifetime access to this course.
  • Handouts: course materials in written form and printable format.
  • Ascension Sacred Rays Community: an important piece in the activation is the integration and share of your own experience. This forum provides space for all of this and more.

  • When will this course run?
    This course is recorded and you can access it at your leisure.

    Since we operate within the quantum field, when you will watch the recordings you will still receive the full benefit of the alchemical activation whenever and wherever you are.
  • How do I connect with others?
    We have created a private community for everyone who receives this activation to connect and share their experience. It is already a very active community to which we will welcome you once you say YES and commit to receiving the Yellow Ray of Empowered Wisdom activation.
  • What do I need to do to prepare?
    I recommend you take the time to set your intention for the Yellow Ray of Empowered Wisdom before you start watching the first session. Once you have registered for the course you will be given all the tools you need to access the Course contents and information.

Since completing the Violet Flame Alchemy activation, I feel I'm finally stepping into my power. I'm experiencing many synchronicities and my life is starting to flow more beautifully. I felt an instant connection with Shakti. The way she hosts the sessions with such love and humility is very heart warming. I highly recommend this course if you're ready to step into a better version of you!

Javier Afanador

I just completed the Violet flame activation with Shakti. I received an email with a photo of St Germain who I knew nothing about but something called me to sign up. I’m so glad I did. My life has shifted in so many ways. My business has come alive again, my group program has filled, meditation classes are back in full bloom. This activation course has helped me with seeing my patterns in the moment and being able to transmute them instantly. The transformation has been miraculous. I had recently (Since COVID) started feeling anxiety and overwhelm each morning and now I’m back to feeling excitement. If you want to help your life with some energetic tools this is the course for you. I am looking forward to the next course with Shakti. I believe Shakti is being guided to share with us knowledge and ways to navigate this changing world.

Georgia Saler  
~ Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist RDN

Dear Shaki, I wanted to thank you for your amazing Violet Flame Experience. I have been a user of this special flame for many years and your course just infused the power and remembrance. I now use the flame more often, I love the Masters. Thank You for your teaching.

Diane Broussard
~ Diamond Springs Center

The Violet Flame was such a beautiful experience. Shakti’s channeling of St Germain, Lady Portia and other ascended masters was outstanding. The energies were felt very powerfully. Through every session you could feel the beautiful energies of the Violet Flame surrounding you to transmute all those inner shadows one has, into love and Violet Light. I felt safe, held and supported by Shakti during this time as she held space for all who were involved in this beautiful Violet Flame Alchemy.

Laura Hendren
~ Energy Healer

I am forever in awe and deeply grateful for the changes, transformation and transmutation the Violet Flame has brought into my life. I have overcome much in a very short period of time. To be more specific: a broken heart, a looming divorce, a major operation and moving to somewhere after selling my property. All major life events made light and easy by the Violet Flame. This is the One spiritual practice everyone should use! Thank you Shakti for uplifting all of those whose lives you touch. 

Larissa Riley 
~ Awakened Hearts Journeys
Shakti Bottazzi
Spiritual Teacher

Shakti Bottazzi is a modern-day medicine woman. She is a cosmic citizen carrying many different transmissions within while also a citizen of Argentina, Italy and the United States.  

Born and raised in Argentina she took her first steps into her spiritual path seeking answers during her late teenage years learning meditation and energy healing from Andean and Jesuit traditions. Later on she studied with Masters from Japan, China and India including more than a decade of Buddhism. She has had direct transmission from Curanderos from Central America and received medicine from the Navajo tradition.

Shakti started channeling ascended beings of light in 2012 and receiving direct teachings and guidance that she has incorporated to her vast repertoire of tools creating her own methods for healing and teaching. Successful in her own right she is a 3-time entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Fulbright Scholar with more than 30 years in the corporate world. 


Shakti brings together her multifaceted multicultural life expression guiding people into their becoming. Those who work with her expand their gifts, learn to trust their intuition, and become deeply connected to their own soul’s work leading a life of inspired action, purpose, passion, and prosperity. Look for her at

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